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North Smithfield Clean & Green's annual town cleanup day has been devoted to keeping our town beautiful for over 17 years. This page is to promote that day & recycling/ litter education all year long. The committee's goal is to rally our community so we can work together one day each year to help beautify and clean up our neighborhoods, accomplishing something we can all be proud of and essentially educating our youths to not litter. It gives us great pride seeing our residents and neighbors coming together each year!


How to be a volunteer

April 27, 2019 is Clean & Green Day!

We have been growing in number of volunteers and it gets more exciting each year!  We welcome volunteers of all ages!

First, you can look at our online Sign-up sheet to see which roads you would like to help clean up or ones that no one has signed up yet.  We strive to cover as much ground as possible but keep in mind the busy roads and what areas will be better for your age group.  Once you have selected the street, you can add how many are in your group.  After you have signed up, it is important that you download the liability waiver and bring a separate one for EACH person who is volunteering for clean-up on the morning of registration. Then you're done, it's as simple as that! Thank you for your efforts to help keep North Smithfield beautiful!



Making A Difference


Registration at NSES

elementary school.jpg

Volunteers cleaning one of the main roads in North Smithfield

cleaning the road 2.jpg

North Smithfield and Uxbridge meeting at the town border on the same Clean & Green day!

uxbridge and NS meeting up.jpg

Our younger generation ready to make a difference in their community!

sunshine kids.jpg

In 2018, we had 419 registered volunteers and picked up 3.43 tons of trash over 40 miles of town road!


Let everyone sweep in front of his own door, and the whole world will be clean.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe


Our Generous Donors

NS Clean & Green is a non-profit organization and each year, our efforts were made possible by the generous donations from local businesses and a few residents. We are humbled each year to see so much support given to us by these business and would like to thank them!

2018 sponsors.png

2017 Donors

2018 Sponsors



Our team of committee members


Our 2018 Committes members from left to right: Scott, Tara, Jeap, Richard, Jenn, Bob, Carol

town clean up.jpg

Contact NS Clean & Green

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